No cash for scrap

It is now an offence to buy scrap metal for cash. In order to reduce the way that this impacts on you, we have implemented two payment options.

Option 1 – Electronic payment

We can provide electronic payment direct from our bank account to yours, which clears immediately after processing.

This means that, typically, if you bring your scrap metal before 4pm, your money should clear in your account the next day.

If you would like to be paid electronically, please ensure you have the following details:

  • Bank name
  • Account name
  • Account number
  • Sort code

Cheque Payment

Option 2 – Cheque payment

Cheque clearing times vary depending on your bank, but usually clear within three working days.

Proof Of Identification

Proof of Identification

We also ask anyone looking to sell metal for proof of I.D.

The idea has been introduced as part of Operation Tornado, a scheme launched by Humberside Police to help regulate the scrap metal industry and restrict the movement of stolen metal. Scrapyards that have signed up to the scheme request a passport, national identity card or photo driving licence, as well as proof of address.Its aim is to make it easier to trace stolen metal and restrict the market in which thieves can operate.

Drapers have developed a strong reputation in metal recycling over the last ninety-five years and the integrity of the industry is very important to us. We sincerely hope that this added measure is not too much of an inconvenience.

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